Salmon Run Series - Cyanotype Prints

In 2023, I went back to Japan to find the origins of my birth. I was adopted at the the age of 1 from a orphanage in Tokyo, Japan. Since then I grew up in Seattle, Washington and lived in New York, New York. As I entered my late 20's, questions around my birth became a desire to truly know what happened. So I went looking. I traced my origins around Tokyo and with some good luck I was able to meet my birth mother. Every step I had my camera and took photos to document the journey.  The result is a photo series called Salmon Run. You can read more about my journey by following the link. 

The following prints are created by taking the negatives from the photos from the photo series. I love the cyanotype due to its fingerprint type nature. Each print is unique in that it can't be perfectly replicated. The process of applying the chemical to paper to using the sun to print the images makes each print unique to itself. 

I love sharing my work with the world. My goal is to inspire others to seek out their own truth and find peace. 

You can be the owner of one of the prints below. Each one is a 1 of 1 and will not be replicated. 

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