Super Saturday’s New York City Chinatown

Super Saturday is a event integral in the New York City Chinatown Lunar New Year tradition. Every second Saturday of the Lunar New Year all the lion dance troupes come out in full force onto the streets of Chinatown to ring in the New Year, bless the businesses,  and battle in out in the streets. The streets are full of people coming to watch it all happen. Confetti cannons pop and glitter the whole street. It is magical. Here some photos from this year (2022) following the Chinese Free Masons Athletic Club. 

Field Notes: Photographing Bougie Boarders in Hawaii

At the beach, I attempted to take clear photos for bougie boarders in the water. The sun was setting and the light was rapping around of the cliff faces. I remember being really excited after I took that roll. When I got the negatives back I quickly realized everything was blurry. A setting or camera must of been off. I was mad that I messed up this whole roll of film. It was useless. But stubbornly I started processing them anyway. As I played more with the images in Lightroom , I was able to get the photos to were they felt exciting to me again. The blurred images became a little more clear but this time like it was painted.  I also found new images and shaped translucently layered. Here is what they look like. What do you think? 

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