The Runners of Prospect Park

I went to Prospect Park to see who is running. It was great to see all sort of people running or walking at their own pace. The public park should stay a place that anyone can enjoy.

Note from the technical side:

Capturing people running on camera as the sun is setting is not easy and I had to get the shutter speed up to the speed that would allow me to avoid the blur as they ran past. I also increased the aperture to around 5 so everything stayed in focus even as the run ran toward me.

I am learning photography and how to edit photos through trail and error. I would love to hear your honest feedback on what you like, not like, and what I could have done differently. Thank you!

Resident Aliens

As someone that moved to America at the age of 5, I had to try to find my place in a new country and city. As a young child all you want to do is fit in and feel accepted by your peers. The questions becomes how do it become American? What are the unique cultural markers of this place? I created an image to represent my attempt to put on these cultural markers. At the end of it, I still felt out of place. A other worldly creature trying to blend in.

The term “resident aliens” come to mind thinking of Executive Order 9066, which lead to the internment of Japanese America’s during World War 2. A legacy that is all too well alive today at the southern border. 

My iPod Classic

My ipod classic holds a time capsule for all the music I listened to before 2013. When I listen to it now, I am flooded with nostalgia. Each song taking me to an exact moment of my adolescence. I always am amazed at the power of music.

I made a .gif that highlights 4 songs that were big part of my life in Photoshop by recreating the iPod classic screen’s UI design and using the timeline feature to switch between songs. Enjoy!

Using Format