I do not fit into definitions. There always seems to be a stipulation that disqualifies me.

Without a place to claim, I am left floating: entering and leaving worlds

  • Too Asian for my white peers, too white for my Asian peers.
  • Not quite Japanese but not quite American either
  • A millennial with an old soul
  • Clinging to the structure while trying to appease my rebellious side

As a traveler of worlds, I live in this elsewhere.

It is natural to seek belonging but I have found comfort in between.

Comfort in knowing these passages are bridges to the other side. Because things only exist in relation to each other.

Like the Tao says,

“It is because everyone under Heaven recognizes beauty as beauty, that idea of ugliness exists. And equally, if everyone recognized virtue as virtue, this would merely create fresh conceptions of wickedness. For truly, ‘Being and Not-being grows out of one another…”

Once something is defined, the opposite is must come into existence simultaneously.

I strive to be a connector. Someone that brings others together from these worlds. Allowing people to meet and find a friendship or kinship they never thought was possible.

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