Speak Less Say More

The world is becoming noisier. There seems to be no escape from notifications on your phone, the 24-hour news cycle, and the pressure to always up to date with the latest. This steady noise that fills my ears can leave me anxious wishing for a quiet couple of hours in the mountains.

While the access to information and opinions is valuable, the continuous debarment of content is causing us to reach our solvency limits. How much can we really take?

The challenge is sorting the quality in the quantity:

I think we need to ask ourselves some important questions next time we feel like adding our voice to the mix.

  • Does anything need to be said?
  • Are we really adding to the conversation?
  • Are we talking over people? Are we supporting others?
  • How can I effectively add to this conversation?

I am starting to ask myself these questions more and more. I always admired people that didn’t speak much but when they made an impact.

I don’t want to just speak, I want to say something. Something that is valuable and substantive that will stimulate or summate conversations. I want to provide quality.

I want to “Speak less & Say More”

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