Hi, my name is Michael Ken Stewart. I am a Director and Photographer of mixed Japanese decent based in New York City, NY. Being born in Tokyo, Japan and moving to the United States of America at a young age has presented me with a unique POV across western and eastern cultures. I find myself  on the shoreline where tradition and innovation meet. This shows up in the references I pull from a wide range of spaces and places. My goal is to always stir the viewer and provoke feelings that speak to essential truths of the world.

I have worked with Coke, Citi Bike, Billionaires Boys Club, Footlocker, Spring Place, On, Hoka, MoMA PS1, Strava, Leatherman, and Converse leading the creation of photos and videos for various campaigns.  

I currently dedicate my free time to running, surfing, and reconnecting to nature and my Japanese heritage. I find inspiration from the likes of James Baldwin, Gordon Parks, Yasujirō Ozu, Daido Moriyama, and Miné Okubo.

Lets connect via Email: ken.suchuwaato[@]gmail.com   |   Linkedin 

Things I think you should check out:

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Talks & Lectures


First of All - Assessing the Situation with Jaeki, Jojo, and Michael ($6.99 Per Pound)

Explain Your Face - Ep. 15 | Michael Stewart, the 2nd Nirvana Reference

Born in June Raised in April - Exploring Adoption, Identity and Family with Brother Michael and Mark


Trans-Racial Adoptee Round Table - Adoptive & Foster Family Coalition of New York (Oct. 2020)

TafLabs Presents: Model Minority Myth - Taiwanese American Foundation (Aug. 2020)

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