Trip to El Salvador

One year ago I visited El Salvador.  I had a dream of waking up to the mighty beauty of the Andes Mountains in a dream and after waking up felt a intense need to go to South America. After looking online for tickets, it became clear that South America was a little out of reach but El Salvador made sense. So I booked the flight and three days later I was landing at the airport. 

I don’t speak Spanish so I knew it was going to be a more quiet trip. The country is beautiful with its numerous volcanoes, lakes, and beaches. The people I met were welcoming. It was only a couple of days but it was the solo trip that I needed. It was the start of a year of traveling around the world. I have been blessed in so many ways to see the world. There is much to learn from others but just listening and observing. 

First Pitch at the Mets Game

Jaeki Cho (Tik Tok Influencer) was asked to throw out the first pitch at a New York Mets game in May. In 72 hours, I attempted to teach someone who never threw a baseball how to throw off a mound. Here are photos from are time at Citi Field (Shea Stadium).  

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